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Sahabat Maya

" Kebimbangan terhadap hal-hal keduniaan itu menggelapkan hati manakala kebimbangan terhadap hal-hal akhirat itu adalah menyinarkan hati "

Ahad, 7 November 2010

Ocean of Tears

~:Ocean of Tears:~

You disobey the Divine, yet claim love for Him -

This is impossible, illogical reasoning.

If your love were true, you would certainly obey

For the lover to the Beloved is ever obedient.

My Lord, certainly,

I am a weak slave

Who has come before You seeking that which You have to give.

I come before You complaining of the affliction of my sins,

For can one complain of grief to anyone but You?

Gift me with Your Pardon,

My Benevolent Master

For my reliance is on none but You.

He has deprived you from tasting Divine love and purification

When he saw you persistent in treachery and harshness.

If you let go of the reigns that are keeping you from Him

He will be generous with you from His compassionate nature.

Exalted is He above doing you any injustice-

He has promised deliverance to those who deliver themselves.

My Lord, if I have drowned in my own sins,

I ask for Your pardon, Most Generous Lord

By the depth of my poverty and my utter need

For You, my Lord, in times of distress.

I ask You by my weakness, inability, and indigence,

I ask You by what Your Books have guaranteed –

I ask you by Your infinite Mercy.

- Selections from Bahr ad-Dumū’ (Ocean of Tears)

by Imam Ibn al-Jawzī

(jazak Allahu khayran to Shaykh Mokhtar Maghroui,

who contributed to the translation).

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